Ignition (PHOENIX RAISING Series Book 2)

Hunting for Love (UnBearable Romance Series Book 2)
October 27, 2017
They got into the cars, the Ylians with Asa and Sera with Joely. As she put the car into gear, Joely said, “I brought your wallet with your ID, along with your passport. It’s in the glove box.”

“Thanks. You think of everything.”

“I try.”

Traffic in Mexico City was a madhouse, full of drivers who seemed to have lost bets with Death and wanted to cash out early. Sera braced herself against the dashboard as Joely and Asa careened around the moving obstacle course. She felt herself going pale at a particularly close near miss, and she wondered how Beno and Theyn were handling the ride.

“Nice earring.”

Sera touched her ear. “It’s like a universal translator. It lets me understand them when they speak their own language.


They drove in silence for a long time while she concentrated on driving through the madhouse on the streets.

“Spill it,” Joely said.

She didn’t need to ask what she meant. “They’re amazing.”

“Girl! No way! You nailed both of them?”

“At the same time.”

She whistled in admiration. “I’d never get out of bed if I had that option.”

“Believe me, I kind of wish I hadn’t had to.” She shook her head. “I just don’t know what’s come over me. This isn’t the sort of thing I do. I mean, they kidnapped me, for God’s sake, and within an hour of waking up I was banging them both like there was no tomorrow.”

“Waking up? What do you mean?”

She shrugged. “When I was in Theyn’s room in the hospital, Beno thought I was going to hurt him, so they shot me with some sort of stun gun thing. Knocked me out. Apparently, they carried me out and dragged me with them as a kind of insurance.” She snorted. “Then the army showed up at the hotel, and they figured that I probably wasn’t as useful in that respect as they thought.”

Joely swerved to miss a slow truck and almost hit a motorcyclist, but she yanked the wheel at the last moment. Sera’s stomach lurched up into her throat.

“What are they going to do?” her assistant asked, steadying the car and pointing it straight down the lane again. “I mean, are you going to live with them? Help them hide in society? That’s never going to happen, with that skin and those eyes. They’re never going to blend.”

“I know.” Sera chewed on her lip. “They haven’t got a home to go back to, and there’s no way we can send them out there even if we wanted to. We have to find a way for them to survive here, because here is all they have.”

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