Awakening (Phoenix Rising Book 1)

Sight of Love (A Rizer Pack Shifter Series Book 2)
March 18, 2017
Rune Hunter
April 30, 2017
The jungle was hot and oppressively humid, but Theyn could not stop to rest. He had encouraged the local native population of this green planet to help him construct his isolation chamber, allowing them to build a tomb they felt was appropriate for a god. He did not have the heart to tell them that he was not a god, but he doubted that they would be very impressed to know that their mysterious guest from the stars was only a botanist.

He hesitated at the mouth of the stone construct they had built for him, taking one last look up at the sky. The stars were brilliant and beautiful, but the constellations were not the ones he had come to know. Somewhere out there, far beyond this solar system, his home world was in flames.

He and his partner had escaped the destruction of their world in a borrowed research probe that was never meant to carry lifeforms. It had been a desperate act, but both Theyn and Beno had a strong will to live. They were the last survivors of Ylia, and they meant to carry her legacy into the future somehow.

Near the fourth planet in this system, an inhospitable red-colored rock, their probe had encountered an asteroid field. There was no propulsion capability on the probe and no way to avoid a collision, so they were knocked off course and forced to jettison in two escape pods in the outer atmosphere of this world.

Theyn counted his blessings. Neither of them were navigators, and they had done a blind launch. If it hadn’t been for the asteroids, they most likely would have ended up flying straight into Sol, the yellow sun at the center of this system. They were fortunate to have landed on a world with life, a compatible atmosphere, and gravity slightly lighter than their own. If they had to find a new world, this one was acceptable.

Theyn’s escape pod had landed here on an isthmus covered in jungle and populated by bipedal intelligent life. They had taken him to be a god, which is how he found himself here today, about to be sealed into a hibernation cell in the bottom of a stone pyramid.

He hoped that Beno, wherever he had landed, was having better luck. He hoped that Beno’s escape pod had also included the specifications for the construction of the hibernation cell. Otherwise, he would be very, very lonely when the cell finally released him, seven hundred standard orbital time units from now.

He took a deep breath, possibly his last breath of fresh air for a very long time. He would have been lying if he’d said he wasn’t a little afraid.

The natives were watching him, the young woman that they insisted on bringing with them leaning on the shoulder of one of the warriors. She was inebriated and unable to stand on her own. The warrior shook her gently, and her eyes rolled back into her head, a thin line of greenish drool escaping from her lax mouth. Theyn shuddered. He did not understand these primitive ways.

The escape pod had been designed to be converted into a hibernation cell so that anyone in need could afford to wait for help to arrive in safety. There was never any way to know what sort of infectious diseases or parasitic life forms might exist in a new biosphere, so it was better to be safe than sorry. Once he was sealed into his cell, he would be put into decontamination and a deep sleep. His cell would be linked to Beno’s, assuming that Beno’s cell survived his landing. When one of them awoke, so would the other, and then they would find each other again. Ylians were social creatures; they could not exist in isolation.

The natives helped him climb into his hibernation cell, obeying his direction on how to encase it once he had sealed it from the inside. Once it was activated, his cell would require very little power, but what it needed it could obtain through the soil beneath the stone floor of the chamber. He had placed the array himself. He would be all right, he was certain of it. He hoped that somewhere out there, Beno could say the same.

He closed his blue eyes and took one last breath as he lay down. The native chieftain spoke to him, but Theyn could not understand the words he said. He only smiled as gently as he could as he closed the lid.

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