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Rival Love

June 17, 2017
Rival Love (The Blue Falls Series Book 1)
June 4, 2017
In Love with the Enemy
July 3, 2017

Rival Love

A The Blue Falls Series Book 1...

What’s a girl to do when her werebear husband is slain and a war is brewing between two clans? Run away with the man who killed him, of course.



About the Book

What price is too high, if it means having visions of the future?

Angeline Synet and her family have just moved to Freebasin, a town that has formed an alliance with the shifters from the Rizer wolf pack. Angeline has a gift, the gift of sight. She has visions that give her glimpses into the future. Her visions have cost her family trouble in the past and they don’t want her to use her gift.

When a kidnapping, and string of murders is uncovered, Angeline can’t ignore her visions any longer. She’s taking risks, doing everything she can to save the people in her visions, even if it means breaking rules, and trespassing onto the Rizer pack land.

Killian, a werewolf shifter, hasn’t forgotten the senseless violence mankind is capable of committing. He doesn’t like non-shifters and he has no interest in helping them. When Angeline is found on Rizer land Killian is burdened with the responsibility of escorting Angeline from their property. It doesn’t take long before Killian finds himself tangled up in Angeline’s problems and caring about what will become of her.

Killian is stubborn. Will he realize too late that holding onto his hatred for non-shifters will cost him his only chance at happiness?

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