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August 17, 2017
September 7, 2017

Over the years, paranormal authors have thrilled us with epic stories that happened a long time ago, and some are thriving as we speak. As fiction, they take us to a world of immortality, strange magic, time travel and even make us dream of a new universe that exists within us and yet we can’t seem to see it. Trends are emerging where these fiction romances read have left readers wondering what will happen next. Let’s see how;

Novels turned into TV series

A majority of old time fiction reads are being turned into exciting movies series or simply stand-alone films. Though watching a story evolve from one act to another is entertaining, reading the original story is more interesting because the film won’t cover every little detail to the core. For instance, the vampire diary series, the nine lives of Cloe King, Roswell high and much more are being made into an epic tv show. Even if it takes years to release the next episode, fans will be eagerly waiting. Soon, we will just be having scripts released directly as films.

Adapting a pre-existing story

Adapted from comic books, original fairy tales or games, we are being presented with a remake, remix or an extension of what was once written. The southern vampire mystery series was adapted from True Blood novels. The award winning series The Originals pulls its story from the Vampire Diaries novels and the two books are quite exciting. What was once told by fictional physician remains only that authors are twisting the tell-tale to fit the new millennium like sleepy hollow is based on the short story the legend of Sleepy Hollow. And don’t get me started on animations or cartoons, they are hilarious.

Utopianism is being adopted where the protagonist is being controlled by a greater power he/she cannot escape, but they seem to possess power fantasies that give them the strength to fight back. Another trend is where realistic scenarios are created to bring a series of drama and vigilantes are emerging as fictional characters hiding among us and instead of bringing distraction, they are helping. More gay characters appear in the fiction romance reads supporting the old slogan ‘love conquers all’ and even I have read several paranormal romance reads where the main characters revolve around gays only there is a lot of paranoia where love, normalism, and power fantasy is concerned.

Fiction romance reads are simply imagination tell-tells about immense power, love, money, family and natural bounds. It’s like the real world magnified into another dimension, and the trends have made novels more epic and paranormal romance novels have more to offer as well.

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