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August 25, 2017
Aeon Captive (Sensual Abduction Series Book 1)
October 1, 2017

Behind every successful author, there is an interesting story. As a writer, you don’t wake up one morning and decide to publish a book. Some authors don’t even realize they have the talent. Take a case of someone who has always known that one day he/she will be a great author. They spend most of their time reading and writing, be the first to form a book club or a social club but mostly, they spend most of their time looking for inspiration. Like any other business, you need a plan and a goal. Some authors began writing after maybe escaping death while others were inspired by a famous author or a celebrity. Travelling the world has been helpful to a majority of authors but none of it comes without challenges here and there. Whether you are born to a wealthy family or not, writing requires exposure, interaction, and most of all inspiration. It’s where most authors collect unique and exciting ideas.

One thing most authors share is working odd jobs before your writing starts to pick up. Over the years, every writer has to meet criticism at its best and the best way they avoid being affected by rude and inappropriate comments is by being ready for it or never wasting time trying to please people. What one does is disconnect from the world and intimately tell you a story; staying connected to the story allows the writer be part of the narrative, that way, one won’t miss out on the best parts. Instead, the author ends up delivering one of the most epic stories without any pretense. It’s quite hard to find a writer without a good cup of coffee and some delicious cookies to go along with. Being lost in their writing is an everyday duty and knowing when to stop is the secret to publishing something interesting.
It wouldn’t be a wonder knowing that some of our great authors had a rocky time while writing. It’s, in fact, the best time for some of them to get inspired because the most difficult things to say are the most interesting things to put in writing. However, that doesn’t mean the life of a writer doesn’t require unplugging. A good jog, sport, or any other distraction is part of an author’s life especially if one is having what writers call ‘writer's block.' It’s a very frustrating phase for any author but not entirely crippling.

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